English Traditional c. 1540

Adapted by Anne Utter from Father Christmas' Farewell (from a Balliol MS. Oxford) for The Chorus of Westerly's A Celebration of Twelfth Night

    Now have good day!
    Now have good day!
I am Christmas and now I go my way!
Here have I dwelt with more or less
From Hallowtide to Candlemas
And now, must I from you hence pass.
    Now have good day!

I take my leave of King and Knight
Of Earl and Baron and lady bright.
To wilderness I must bedight!
    Now have good day!

And of the Good Lord of the hall
I take my leave, and of guests all.
Methinks I hear Lent doth call.
    Now have good day!

Another year I trust I shall
Make merry in this hall,
If rest and peace in our good lands may fall.
    Now have good day!

Now fare ye well, all infere!
Now fare ye well for all this year!
Yet, for my sake, Make You Good Cheere!
    Now have good day!