LupitaLupita Ferrer was born as Yolanda Guadalupe Ferrer in Maracaibo to Spanish immigrant parents. She became famous for her beauty (especially her large and expressive eyes) and her strong theatrical presence. Ferrer has a strong theatrical background. She started at the age of 15 performing in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" as Ofelia. At the age of 18, then Venezuelan President Raul Leoni saw her performing in the piece "Dona Rosita La Soltera" ("Dona Rosita, the single one"), and impressed by her talent he granted her a scholarship in the famous N.Y.'s Actor's Studio, where she had Liza Minnelli as a classmate, among other famous names. In the 1960s Ferrer worked in many Mexican and Venezuelan-Mexican film co-productions next to iconic actors like Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", and during the 1970s worked in Hollywood movies sharing the screen with famous actors like Tony Curtis. Her first telenovelas were Esmeralda, about a blind young woman, Mariana de la Noche (1975), about the forbidden love of Mariana Montenegro and Ignacio Lugo Navarro (José Bardina), María Teresa, a woman who goes insane after the loss of her little daughter, La Zulianita, and Cristal. She currently lives in Miami. She was married to the American film director Hall Bartlett for 4 years, who cast her alongside Anthony Quinn and the legendary Dolores del Río in his film The Children of Sanchez (1978), better known for its Grammy award winning musical score by Chuck Mangione. Allegedly, Bartlett wanted to change her image and even her name, which she refused, thinking that this would help her enter the American film market. In 1985 she starred in a hugely successful telenovela produced in Venezuela by Radio Caracas Television named "Cristal" where she impersonates Victoria Ascanio, a very humble girl who after a brief forced encounter with a priest-to-be young man gets pregnant and is forced to leave her baby girl away after delivering her. Years after she comes back as the owner of a high couture clothes designing company which she rules with an iron fist. She hires a very beautiful girl who, after many plot devices applied, she discovers is her long lost daughter, whose estrangement make Victoria feel guilty and bittered. Cristal was a big success in South America, the U.S., Europe and Asia and was dubbed in many languages. In 2006, Ferrer made a come back in the American drama series Ugly Betty, in which she played an actress in a telenovela who gets into a fight with a nurse on the show played by (Ugly Betty series creator) Salma Hayek. In 2007, Ferrer participated in Telemundo's Pecados Ajenos as Mrs Agata Mercenario. In 2010, Ferrer participated in Univision Studios - Eva Luna as Justa Valdéz. Ferrer, who is absolutely against plastic surgery, has always been admired by her beauty that seems impossible to be marked by the passage of time.