My Punctured Romance Has Perished
by Jim Dale

Lovers strolling hand in hand,
Punters on the river,
Lazing in each others arms together.
Some prefer the secrecy of
Places no one knows and
Some prefer the parlor couch
But I'm not one of those.

I'm cycling along I'm peddling far
Away from you, away from you.
You're not the
Girl I put the brakes on for - anymore.
My bicycle's a pal it wobbles whenever
You come near, it steers me clear then
Takes me back home to its bicycle store.

Sitting on the saddle, it's the
Only time I'm comf'table I'm never
Comf'table when I'm with you.
You just punctured me and left me flat.
My solid rubber tires never would do that!

So I'm cycling along, I'm peddling off to
Someone new who owns one, too.
Then some day, the
Two of us will tandem bike with maybe
One, two, three little tricycles behind.
There may be four or more!
With one, two, three little tricycles behind.